Top Generative AI Apps & Software in 2024 :Boost Your Creativity

Top Generative AI Tools That Will Be Very Helpful for You Throughout 2024.

Top Generative AI Apps & Software in 2024 :Boost Your Creativity
Top Generative AI Apps & Software in 2024:Boost Your Creativity

• What are AI tools?

An AI tool is a Software Application that uses Artificial Intelligence Algorithms to perform various tasks and Solution of different Problems. Nowadays AI tools are being used in almost every field and industry. It the high demand in this fast-paced modern world.
They are accommodating and productive. For example, AI tools can identify scams and fraud in Finance. Many tools are also being used for Coding, Photo, and Video Editing, Search Engine Optimization, and anywhere else.

• How do AI tools Work?

Ai Tools works just by acting upon given data, instructions, and prompts. They can be included in Practical use just as Analyzing Medical Pictures and Assisting Doctors in Diagnosis which will be ultimately more helpful for Cures and Treatments. But so many AI applications and Software can be seen out there what are the best in 2024?

• Best AI Tools in 2024

Artificial intelligence and future concept
Artificial intelligence and future concept

Here are some best AI tools mentioned for Creators, Marketing, Video, and Audio Editors.

  1. Adobe Podcast, Descript, and Synthesia are all multimedia tools that can be used to make podcasts, edit audio, and create videos using AI. Together, they provide complete content production options.
  2., Wibbitz, and Sonantic all offer technologies for transcription, video creation, and AI-generated voice. These technologies can be used for things like automatic transcription, quick video creation, and high-quality synthetic voices for a wide range of uses.
  3. HubSpot, HootSuite, and ChatGPT all provide a range of services, including marketing automation, social media management, and chat interfaces driven by AI. These services give businesses the tools they need to connect customers, handle content, and have automatic interactions.

3 Best Tools For Writing

1. QuillBot

  • Overview of QuillBot
  • Utilization in Creating Social Media Posts, Ad Scripts, and Campaign Copy
  • Features: Paraphrasing, Plagiarism Checking, and Text Rephrasing

It is a Paraphrasing Tool that can be used for creating social media posts, scripts for various ads, and copy for different campaigns. It also offers plagiarism checking and rephrasing of a given text.

2. Grammarly

  • Introduction to Grammarly
  • Features: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation Checks, and Plagiarism Detection
  • Acting as a Personal Editor for Writing Improvement

This is one of the best Writing tools that can help you out by Checking Grammar, Spelling, Plagiarism, Punctuation, and much more. It acts as a Personal Editor.

3. ChatGPT

  • Overview of ChatGPT
  • Applications in Generating Professional Emails, Audio and Video Scripts, and Engaging Blogs
  • AI Chatbot Capabilities for Answering Questions and Writing Texts

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that helps answer any question and write texts according to given prompts. It can be used for generating Professional Emails, Audio and Video Scripts, and Engaging Blogs.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

3 Best Tools For Marketing

1. HubSpot

  • Overview of HubSpot
  • Utilizing AI for Marketing Strategy Identification
  • Automated Email and Description Creation for Product Promotion

This is an Ai based Marketing Tool that helps in identifying marketing strategies and campaigns. Companies can use HubSpot to make automated emails and descriptions for the promotion of new products.

2. HootSuite

  • introduction to HootSuite
  • Real-Time Observations of Social Media Conversations and Trends
  • Finding and Analyzing Trends in Various Fields

This is an AI-powered marketing tool that observes Social Media Conversations and Trends in real-time. Anyone can use this tool to find trends in the required field.

3. ChatGPT

  • Overview of ChatGPT
  • Utilizing NLP for Customer Queries and Support
  • Application in Providing Customer Service and Answering Queries

This can be a part of marketing tools as it uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to generate answers to customer’s questions. This can be used for queries and customer support service.

3 Best Tools For Voice Over

Here are some professional software that offers voice-over facilities that can be used in your videos and projects.

1. Synthesia: 

  • Introduction to Synthesia
  • Use Cases in Tutorials, Presentations, and Projects
  • Features and Capabilities

Synthesia generates realistic lisping videos with the help of virtual characters. These clips play important roles in tutorials, presentations, and project videos.

2. Sonantic: 

  • Overview of Sonantic
  • Creating Voice Notes for Animations and Projects
  • Unique Feature: Using Vocal Recordings for Realistic Voiceovers

It also generates realistic voice notes along with virtual character video videos for animations and projects. This can also create real people voiceovers by using their vocal recordings. It created a voice note of Val Kilmer’s voice when he lost his voice.


  • Introduction to Lovo’s AI Technology
  • Realistic Voice Mimicry and Human-like Speech
  • Applications for Creating Authentic Voiceovers

This AI tool copies human speech patterns and mimics them in a way that sounds real. This can be very helpful for creating a realistic voice-over of anyone’s voice.

3 Best Tools For Video

1. Descript: 

  • Overview of Descript
  • Features: Automated Transcription and Captioning
  • Customizable Editing and Captioning Capabilities

This is a video podcast editor that transcribers videos and adds captions by itself. You can edit the auto-generated captions and remove unnecessary words.

2. Wibbitz: 

  • Introduction to Wibbitz
  • Emphasis on Post-Production and Video Transformation
  • Creating Engaging Video Clips from Text Inputs

Wibbitz generates a video of a given text. It focuses on post-production and transforms incredible video clips. 

  • Overview of
  • AI-Driven Text-to-Video Transformation
  • Customizable Virtual Character Design and Video Creation

This is an incredibly organized AI tools that transform your text into video along with virtual characters that you can design according to your choice.

Artificial intelligence and future concept
Artificial intelligence and future concept

1. Adobe Podcast

  • Overview of Adobe Podcast
  • Realistic Podcast Recording Capabilities
  • ‘Enhance Speech’ Feature for Audio Enhancement

It creates realistic podcast recordings. It also has a built-in ‘Enhance Speech’ feature for audio recordings to remove echo and background noises.


  • Introduction to
  • AI-Based Transcription for Spoken Content
  • Applications in Interviews and Meetings

It is AI-based software that creates actual transcriptions. It is helpful in spoken content like interviews and meetings etc.

3. Filmstro

  • Overview of Filmstro
  • Real-Time Soundtrack Generation
  • Musical Alignment for Post-Production and Samples

It is very helpful in generating real-time soundtracks. It also offers alignment of musical elements behind the voice. Use in post-production programs and samples.

Final Thoughts on AI Tools

Above is an explanation of the AI tools related to almost every field. Now you exactly know which one is used and where. So choose one that is easy, time-saving, and more helpful for you. We hope these will take part in your life and make you feel easy.
If you have any questions or queries you can just comment below and we will try our best to sort your problem out.

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