Best AI coding assistant tools for Software Developers

AI coding assistants are transforming the software development industry as they gain popularity. They can produce code, automate laborious coding chores, and offer wise code recommendations and snippets to cut down on development time. You can concentrate on innovative problem-solving by incorporating these tools into your workflow, which will speed up the completion of client projects. Thus, you’ve come to the right place if you want to optimize code quality, streamline your coding process, and keep up with the most recent developments in technology!

What is an AI coding assistant?

An advanced software tool called an AI coding assistant uses artificial intelligence to help developers with the coding process. Its main objective is to:

  • assistance with coding and debugging
  • support code reviews.
  • offer code suggestions, fixes, auto-completions, and optimizations in real time.
  • find errors and security flaws to enhance the quality of the code.

It functions similarly to a virtual pair programmer. Additionally, it never tires and continually learns from extensive code repositories, allowing it to enhance its quality over time. AI coding assistants cater to a wide range of users. Novice programmers can benefit from guidance and learning opportunities, while seasoned veterans can expedite their work by ensuring their source code adheres to best practices and the latest standards. These tools can adapt to different coding styles and project requirements.

Is it possible to develop digital products with AI tools?

In the current tech landscape, using AI coding generators tool to develop digital products is not only possible but also very common. AI-powered code assistants have the potential to greatly improve software development lifecycle phases ranging from conceptual design to implementation. Not only can they automate monotonous tasks, but they can also offer code recommendations. AI code completion tools aid in the development process in this way, but it’s crucial to remember that human developers are still in charge of making creative and strategic decisions. The intricacies involved in creating a fully digital product are beyond the current capabilities of AI coding.

AI tools are therefore effective complements to human expertise. By streamlining the development process, they free up developers’ time to concentrate on the more complex and creative parts of creating new products. As a result, by expediting the development process and freeing developers to concentrate on the more complex and creative parts, AI tools are effective complements to human expertise.

Why you should consider using an AI coding assistant

The field of software development is becoming more demanding and complex. Adding AI coding assistants to your process could revolutionize it. The following are the strongest arguments for you to think about utilizing AI coding assistants to improve your programming efforts:

  • Reduced time to market: AI coding assistants can help products reach the market more quickly by speeding up the coding process, giving them a competitive advantage.
  • Cost savings: Automation can significantly decrease the requirement for extensive manual labor, resulting in long-term cost savings.
  • Accessibility for non-experts: AI coding assistants can enhance accessibility to app development for individuals with less experience by bridging the gap between novice and expert developers.
  • Scalability: As AI tools pick up knowledge from the expanding codebase, they can grow with the project with ease. This helps as projects get bigger and more complex.
  • Continuous improvement: As a result of their extensive data-driven training, AI code tools provide increasingly intelligent and valuable suggestions and insights.
  • Stress reduction: By taking care of many of the tedious parts of coding, AI coding assistants can lighten the mental burden on developers. This allows the latter to approach coding problems more rationally.
  • Enhanced productivity: By automating repetitive or routine coding tasks like boilerplate code, AI tools free up developers to concentrate on more intricate and imaginative aspects of their projects.
  • Improved code quality: AI-powered code assistants help maintain high coding standards and lower the probability of bugs by providing real-time suggestions and the ability to flag potential errors.
  • Learning and development: AI-driven suggestions can impart knowledge to developers. They often make reference to more recent, effective coding techniques as well as best practices.
  • Faster debugging: AI coding assistants can identify problems and provide fixes, greatly accelerating the debugging process.
  • Code refactoring: AI tools are capable of rearranging code to make it more readable and organized while maintaining the codebase’s external behavior.
  • Personalized support: AI coding assistants provide individually designed help that gets better over time by adjusting to different coding styles and preferences.
  • Integration with development environments (IDEs): A lot of AI coding assistants can be integrated with well-known IDEs, which simplifies workflows and the software development process.

By utilizing AI coding assistants, developers can enhance their current practices and future-proof their skills and projects. This is driving the industry as a whole to rapidly adopt smarter, automated code generation tools.


best AI coding assistant tools

I have curated a guide to the top AI coding generator tools, including GitHub Copilot, Tabnine, Replit AI, Amazon CodeWhisperer, Cody, AskCodi, CodeWP, Android Studio Bot, SQLAI, and DeepCode AI.


After doing a lot of research, weighing my options, and assessing the tools’ possible advantages for developers, I’ve selected these ten. I took into account not only their features but also how well-liked and widely used they are among developers. According to Google Trends, their ranking indicates how popular they are.

It’s crucial to remember that demand for AI-powered code assistants can change quickly. Developer preferences are subject to change as new developments are made. Furthermore, every AI code tool has advantages and disadvantages, and they may be better suited for different tasks or programming languages. Think about the ease of integration of the tool into your current workflows and its compatibility with the programming languages that you prefer when selecting an AI coding assistant.

GitHub Copilot

AI coding tools - GitHub Copilot


GitHub Copilot is a code completion tool born from a collaboration between GitHub, OpenAI, and Microsoft. They have developed a tool that utilizes advanced AI to provide coding assistance by understanding the context in which code is being written. Copilot has been trained on a wide range of code from open-source projects on GitHub, and it enhances the development process by offering intelligent code completions and explanations directly within the IDE.

According to research, developers using Copilot report a 75% increase in job satisfaction and up to 55% faster coding, leading to higher productivity without compromising code quality. It is compatible with popular text editors such as Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim. Furthermore, it is seamlessly integrated into GitHub’s ecosystem. Copilot is quickly becoming the preferred AI code completion tool for millions of users and businesses.

While it offers support for most programming languages found in public repositories, the quality of its suggestions varies. Languages like JavaScript receive stronger support due to their prevalence in the training data. Copilot can be accessed through multiple IDE extensions and the GitHub CLI, and it will soon be integrated directly into GitHub’s web and mobile platforms.

Key features:

  • Huge community and great popularity.
  • Integration with numerous IDEs, including Neovim, IntelliJ products, and Visual Studio Code.
  • code completion that is intelligent and simple navigation between various code snippets.
  • support for a variety of programming languages.
  • Code referencing, Currently in public beta, the AI code generator suggestions can be found in Visual Studio Code.
  • Being able to block code suggestions that match public code snippets is important for preventing accidental open-source license violations.


  • Business: $19 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: $39 per user per month.
  • Individual: $10 per month or $100 per year. Free for maintainers of popular open source projects, as well as verified students and teachers.

The business and enterprise plans have different administrative features compared to the individual plan, such as IP indemnity, licenses, and policy management. GitHub has the discretion to determine if an open-source project qualifies for a free individual plan. As a personal example, I was eligible due to my android-gif-drawable library with 9.5k stars on GitHub.


AI pair programming tool - Tabnine


Tabnine is a trusted AI-coding assistant designed with a strong focus on privacy and security. It has been trained on a wide range of existing code using permissive open-source licenses, addressing any concerns about privacy, security, and compliance. This also includes coverage of copyleft issues. Its SOC-2 compliance further strengthens its commitment to best practices. Tabnine can reflect an organization’s collective knowledge and customize its assistance to a specific codebase, aligning with the team’s coding style and best practices without exposing sensitive code.

In its fully isolated mode, tabnine works. You can choose where it runs, like in a secure SaaS environment, on-premises, or on your VPC. This makes sure that you always have control over your intellectual property. If you connect your codebase, Tabnine will learn from your code. Even then, your code will never leave your environment, so you can be sure that it will stay private. That’s a great option for people who care about safety.

Tabnine also allows for centralized policy enforcement. Companies can make sure that all of their teams use and set up the AI assistant in the same way. This centralized approach makes management easier and gives teams full control over their coding processes when it comes to security and privacy.

Key features:

  • High level of security and privacy. uses only pieces of code from sources that are allowed.
  • It can be set up both on-premise and in a VPC.
  • Automated documentation of code.
  • IDEs like Neovim, IntelliJ products, VS Code, Eclipse, and Sublime can be used together.

How much:

  • Starter: It’s free. Code completions of only two to three words are supported.
  • For $12 a month, up to 100 users can use Pro. Standard code completions that do everything, including natural language.
  • Enterprise: price on request. You can get private deployment and premium support.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Your AI-powered programming tool –  Amazon CodeWhisperer


Amazon CodeWhisperer is a machine-learning-driven code generation tool.CodeWhisperer provides real-time coding recommendations customized to your unique style and current work. As you type, relevant code suggestions are presented, which can vary from simple code snippets to entire functions based on the context of your existing code and past inputs. Additionally, CodeWhisperer is capable of generating comments and code documentation.

Its standout feature is its ability to predict and complete code blocks or functions as you write. Furthermore, you can pair it with IDEs like Visual Studio Code or JetBrains products. CodeWhisperer works in conjunction with Amazon CodeGuru. It performs security scans on your code and related files, proactively identifying potential security issues.

Key features:

  • Getting into Amazon’s ecosystem.
  • Real-time code suggestions that are correct.
  • Checks for security.

How much:

  • Tier for one person—free of charge.
  • Pro level costs $19 a month for each user. This includes managing policies and licenses, letting you use them for longer periods of time, and not sending your code snippets to Amazon.

Replit AI

Most Popular AI Coding assistant tools – Replit AI


Replit AI is a collection of AI code tools designed to elevate the coding experience on Replit’s platform. This suite offers several features, with intelligent code completions as its flagship functionality. Replit can also generate code like other AI code tools on this list and provide code explanations. It’s important to note that all of these tools work together seamlessly. Not only do they streamline the development process, but they also offer insightful explanations and modifications to the code.

Replit-improved publicly accessible code is a source of input for the AI. When it writes code, it uses context-aware suggestions and explanations to help it do so. All of this is customized to the language and details of your project, giving you high-quality code that doesn’t have any mistakes.

Replit AI works very well with JavaScript and Python, but it can also do things with a lot of other languages as well. Not only programming languages, but also SQL, HTML, and CSS are in it. Anyone with a Replit account is able to use these AI features for free. You only need to pay for the more advanced features, like unlimited messages and access to a more advanced chat model.

Important parts:

  • There are a lot of features that are free to use.
  • proactive bug fixing of code. AI fixes the problems for you, so you don’t have to read through the error messages by hand.
  • There is AI chat in the IDE.

How much:

  • Starter: no cost
  • Core: $120 a year. You can use AI chat and make as many private projects as you want.
  • Teams: make your own price. Billing and user management in one place.


In conclusion, using coding helpers like GitHub Copilot, Tabnine, Replit AI, and others can make software development better. These tools are useful in many ways. That way, they can boost productivity, make learning easier, boost the quality of the project code, and shorten development cycles by writing code for developers. When you use these tools, you should keep an open mind and know that they can only add to your knowledge and creativity, not replace it.

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