Unlocking Google Gemini: 14 tips for beginners

Unlocking the full potential of Google Gemini

From managing emails to summarising YouTube videos, Google Gemini can be your handy AI assistant. Here are some tips for you to set up Gemini and explore.


Google has rebranded its Bard Chatbot as Gemini and is preparing to release a dedicated iOS and Android app. Understanding the practical uses of Google Gemini can save you time and help you efficiently manage your everyday tasks. This productivity tool can serve as a powerful ally by streamlining tasks and enhancing overall efficiency. Similarly to ChatGPT, Google Gemini is an accessible and powerful AI tool that can assist professionals in various fields. According to recent statistics, AI-powered productivity tools like Google Gemini have been shown to increase efficiency by up to 40% in various industries.

Additionally, the user base of Google Gemini is expected to grow rapidly upon the release of the dedicated app. To fully leverage Google Gemini, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of its features and how they can be advantageous. This article will delve into the optimal settings and practical applications of Google Gemini, providing valuable insights to help you maximize its potential.

Get the best settings to enhance efficiency

Before delving into the myriad functions of Google Gemini, it’s crucial to configure the settings to match your preferences. Here are some steps to ensure an optimal Gemini experience:


Activate the dark theme: Click the gear icon located at the bottom right to enable the dark theme for a visually pleasing interface. This largely depends on personal preferences, but it can be conducive to prolonged usage.

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Real-time response: toggle on the Real-time Responses option to enable quicker interactions and seamless workflow when using an AI chatbot. This option can be found right below the Dark Theme button.

Extension preferences:If you are using a personal Google account, go to the extensions and ensure that Google Workspace and YouTube are turned on. It is recommended to keep other extensions turned off to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Stay updated: Make sure to regularly check for updates to ensure access to the latest features and improvements for Gemini. Please note that the extensions feature may be absent from Google business accounts at the moment. Once you have configured Google Gemini, you can explore its user-friendly features and customization options, which can enhance your experience and provide tailored information.

In Premium: Is Google Gemini better than ChatGPT 4?

In Premium: Is Google Gemini better than ChatGPT 4?

Prompt recommendations: This feature enables you to experiment with the default prompt structures provided by Google to enhance your interactions with Gemini. These tailored prompts are designed to ensure optimal outcomes.

Voice interaction: This feature offers a convenient method for interacting with Gemini by using voice commands, allowing for hands-free operation. Users can simply click the microphone icon, clearly state their prompt, and Gemini will then generate responses.

Customisable responses: Fine-tune Gemini’s responses to align with your preferences by adjusting the response length, tone, and complexity to fit the context and audience, ensuring clear and consistent communication.

Fact-checking capabilities:You can use Gemini’s fact-checking feature to verify the accuracy of its responses. Click on the Google icon to distinguish between reliable and dubious information. A green highlight indicates that Google Gemini is fairly accurate, while a yellow highlight could suggest that the information is not as credible.

Effortless sharing: Gemini makes it easy to share prompts and responses with colleagues or collaborators. It also enables you to customize headlines and summaries before sharing links publicly, which facilitates effective knowledge dissemination.

After setting up your Google Gemini account, take a closer look at some of the useful features that might end up saving you many hours. Google Gemini may be quite helpful for organizing emails, visual prompts, and summarizing YouTube movies.

Manage your emails efficiently by making use of Gemini’s features to organize your emails. All you have to do is tag Gmail with the @ shortcut to have immediate access to Gmail-specific functions. To do a targeted email search, enter “@Gmail show emails with <keyword>”. This will cut down on the amount of time needed to tidy up the inboxes.

An example command might be: @Gmail displays emails mentioning business pitches.

Gemini is your go-to tool for streamlined document retrieval. Gemini makes the process of searching through Google Drive or analyzing documents simpler. Enter ambiguous search terms, such as “IELT prep documents,” and the AI chatbot will quickly find pertinent files. You won’t have to waste time manually sorting through results that aren’t relevant.

For instance, all IELTS preparation documents are available on Google Drive and should be in PDF format.

The best AI solution for enhanced document analysis. Gemini’s Google Docs connection lets you explore document analysis in more detail. Provide targeted instructions, such as summarizing the main points of a text, and it will effectively extract pertinent data, simplifying the process of understanding data.

Consider the “Annual Revenue Report” in Google Docs. Examine the file and identify five important lessons.

If you can’t remember the name of the document, just type @GoogleDrive and ask to locate the 2022 Annual Revenue Report. Even if a PDF file cannot be uploaded, Gemini may still get information from it via a link. Likewise, the PDF may be uploaded to Google Drive, and then the user can utilize @GoogleDrive in the prompt to allow Gemini to review the document and respond to questions based on it.

In Premium: Is Google Gemini better than ChatGPT 4?
In Premium: Is Google Gemini better than ChatGPT 4?

Efficient data extraction and analysis with Gemini. The chatbot makes it easier to extract data from photos so that in-depth research can take place. If your tabular data is in an unusable format, you may save a lot of time on data input and analytical activities by simply pasting a picture containing the tabular data, which Gemini can then transform into a useful format.

Just copy and paste the instructions to include the picture. To extract data into Excel sheets, users may even take screenshots of tables and request that Gemini provide them in tables.

Gemini can assist with video analysis. With Gemini’s YouTube Vision feature, one can gain valuable insights from any video on the platform. Not only that, users can analyze content performance, target audience demographics, and engagement metrics effortlessly. Simply use YouTube and ask Gemini to analyze a video. Users can also ask Gemini to give takeaways from long videos, saving more time.

Example: @YouTube <video link> Give the top takeaways and elaborate more on <specific topic>.

Google Gemini is a big leap in productivity tools, as it combines productivity and convenience. By using the best settings and understanding the variety of practical use cases, one can unlock the full potential of Gemini.

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