Pakistani Man Becomes Overnight Millionaire in UAE


Mohammed Inam, a finance auditor living in Abu Dhabi and a millionaire in UAE, recently won the grand prize of Dh15 million in the Emirates Draw’s Easy6 game. This win has made Inam part of the exclusive group of millionaires in the UAE, and it marks the beginning of a significant journey for him into the year 2024.

Dream Realized

“Dream Realized” refers to the feeling of achieving a long-held aspiration or goal. It signifies the fulfillment of a dream or ambition and the satisfaction that comes with it.

For Inam, this unexpected financial gain is not only about becoming financially prosperous, but it also presents an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream – to go on the sacred pilgrimage of Hajj. (Millionaire in UAE )He sees it as a spiritual journey of great importance. Inam is originally from Islamabad, Pakistan, but has strong ties to the UAE, which makes this accomplishment even more significant to him.

Finance Auditor’s Humble Beginnings

The phrase “Finance Auditor’s Humble Beginnings” refers to the early and modest start of a finance auditor’s career or life. It suggests that the individual started from a humble or simple background before achieving success in their profession as an auditor in the finance industry.

In 2021, Inam’s journey to becoming a millionaire began when he came across an advertisement for the Emirates Draw on social media. Although he was working as a finance auditor in a private firm, Inam decided to take a chance with raffle tickets, and his determination has now resulted in a significant payoff. The journey from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi characterize by hard work and a bit of luck.

Random Twist of Fate

“Random Twist of Fate” refers to an unexpected and unpredictable turn of events that has a significant impact on a person’s life or a situation. It suggests that the outcome is the result of chance or luck rather than careful planning or deliberate action.

In an unexpected twist, Inam disclosed (Millionaire in UAE) that the numbers he used to win were not chosen in his usual careful manner. He admitted that, for the first time, he randomly selected numbers by closing his eyes, without even knowing which numbers he had picked. He mentioned that had he seen the numbers, he might not have chosen them, particularly because he had selected 14 and 15 consecutively. This story suggests that sometimes, luck rewards those who take bold and spontaneous actions.

From Prank to Prosperity

“From Prank to Prosperity” means the transformation from a playful or mischievous act to a state of success and wealth. It implies a journey from light-hearted or foolish behavior to a position of financial and personal achievement.

When Nam first received the life-changing call, he couldn’t believe it was true. He thought it was a joke or a prank because it seemed too good to be true. But as he realized it was real, he and his wife celebrated the new financial security, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Immediate Plans

Immediate plans refer to the specific actions or tasks that will be carried out shortly, typically within a short period. These plan usually focused on addressing urgent or pressing issues and may involve making quick decisions and taking immediate action.

Inam’s immediate plan for his winnings is to buy a family car, but he has decided to temporarily delay any other investments or expenses. This is because he is deeply committed to taking his family on the Hajj pilgrimage, which he believes is a more valuable experience than material wealth.

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After completing the spiritual journey of Hajj, Inam has made plans for how he will use the rest of his unexpected financial gain. He intends to invest in real estate in the growing market of the UAE. In addition, he will donate a portion of his winnings to charitable causes, demonstrating his commitment to giving back to the community that has been important to him.

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